A chat with Tyler Hyde & Johnny Cann from That’s Spooky (Special Episode Sneak Peek!)

Hey weirdos! We want to allow you to get to know our little family here on Morbid Network, so we decided to start a special interview series where we chat with the hosts of these handpicked shows and let you get to know why we love their guts! With these special episodes, you also get a sneak preview of their latest episode to really wet your whistle to dive into a new pod. Yes, that was a disgusting sentence but that’s who we are.

Today, we chat with beautiful, hilarious and spicy Tyler Hyde and Johnny Cann from That’s Spooky. If Tyler and Johnny’s personalities don’t immediately make you fall for them, their ability to tell a story with compassion, spice and lighthearted humor in all the right places  will have you swooning in seconds. We chatted with these about their relationship, their favorite paranormal happenings and how That’s Spooky came to be. Come on it, friends. The water is fabulous.


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