Among Us developer talks 15 player lobbies & new meeting screen in forthcoming update

Developer Innersloth has published a new dev log talking about progress on a few updates coming to social murder game Among Us, which is set to increase the number of players in a lobby up to 15.

In their April Dev Log Update, the team talk on how progress on the updates is shaping up, including fixing several visual bugs and authentication issues that have popped up since the game added accounts in its recent Airship update. However, most significant is the confirmation that lobby sizes will be expanding from the existing 10 to 15.

One consequence of more players however, is that the team have found the current meeting screen inadequate and as such a reworking of the meeting screen is currently underway. What’s more is once the update drops, there’ll be a new meeting screen that makes it clearer who has died and who has reported the body, making it easier to get an overview of why the meeting has been called before everyone starts flinging their accusations around.

On top of this, Innersloth has said that the game will be getting a spruce up in the art department, and while it’ll largely keep the look players are familiar with, it will be getting cleaner lines and animations tweaked on the backend. In addition, the game will be adding six new colours for players to don with the team planning to unveil those next month. The studio says it’s also aiming to move away from identifying players via colour for accessibility and for colour-blind players, though currently that’s still in the workshopping phase.

There’s no date for the next big update at the time of writing, but Innersloth also promise “something secret in the works” they hope to announce very soon. For now, Among Us is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch with an Xbox version on the way later this year.


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