Arbaaz Khan doesn’t like it when Giorgia Andriani is called his ‘girlfriend’ or ‘bae’ | Hindi Movie News

Arbaaz Khan has been in a steady relationship with Giorgia Andriani since a couple of years now. They have often been spotted together at several outings and holidays. After parting ways from Malaika Arora in 2017, Arbaaz fell in love with Giorgia, who is an Italian actor and dancer. In a recent interview, the actor stated that it was very unfortunate that Giorgia is referred to as ‘Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriend’ or ‘Arbaaz Khan’s bae’. He stated that being his girlfriend is not her claim to fame and identity but just that Giorgia happens to be in his life.

Arguing that everybody has to be given their own space and identity, Arbaaz Khan further stated that it is unnecessary to attach his name to Girogia’s. Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora ended their marriage of 18 years in 2016 and were legally separated in 2017. The couple have a son, Arhaan Khan, who mostly stays with his mother Malaika Arora. After the couple announced their separation, Arbaaz Khan faced a lot of negative comments on social media. During an interview with an entertainment portal, Arbaaz stated that it didn’t really affect them as a couple and felt that a lot of it was not justified.

Speaking about cyberbullying and trollers, Arbaaz had recently told ETimes, ““he accountability of doing a wrong action or passing a stray comment is right now only for the people who are known and this needs to reach down to the common level. Common people do anything and even use abusive language that they will not use even in their houses and no one questions them back. But social media is a place where a public figure cannot get away with murder, in fact, they can lose their projects or even career”.

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