CoD Mobile Esports Player Murdered By Male Gamer In Brazil

Trigger Warning: murder, female violence

A Call of Duty: Mobile esports player named Ingrid “Sol” Oliveira Bueno da Silva has been murdered by a male gamer named Guilherme Alves “Flashlight” Costa in São Paulo, Brazil, according to esports consultant Rod “Slasher” Breslau.

As Breslau reported on Twitter, the two players met through the internet. An investigation into the attack has found that the murder was pre-meditated “weeks beforehand,” with Flashlight supposedly recording and sharing it with friends. Messages from Flashlight indicated he planned additional attacks, but he has since been arrested and confessed, according to EPSN.

According to a Brazilian professor, Flashlight sent an email to them titled “A Commendable Act.” In the alleged email, Flashlight promised more attacks would occur. The email contained links to several videos, and footage of the attack are reportedly circulating online.

Sol was a victim of femicide. A 2018 Guardian report noted that four Brazilian women were killed every day in 2019. Women make up a little more than half (50.85%) of Brazil’s population. According to IPEA’s Atlas of Violence 2020, roughly 4,519 women were killed in Brazil in 2018.

Sol was 19 years old and a member of the FBI esports organization, which competed in Call of Duty: Mobile. A spokesperson shared a statement with VPEsports about Sol as a person.

“She was an extraordinary person, whom we will remember every day that the sun rises, every day that the sunlight touches our body, every time we look at the Sun, we will remember her.”

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