Delhi High Court Questions BJP Leader For Procuring, Distributing Covid Drugs



Your system has not helped at all, Delhi High Court told the government (File)

New Delhi:

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday questioned a BJP leader for procuring huge quantities of medicines required for treating COVID-19 patients and distributing it to people in need from his offices.

“How is anybody procuring these drugs in large quantities? These medicines are supposed to be given with prescription only. Is he holding a licence,” a bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli said.

The bench was informed that the leader has tweeted that those who need ‘Remdesivir’ and ‘Fabiflu’ can collect it from his offices here after showing Aadhaar card of the patient and prescription.

Petitioner advocate Rakesh Malhotra, without naming the leader, said he had tweeted that he had these medicines but how he was procuring it when people were unable to get even one dose.

The bench said, “we thought he would stop but it is still going on. How can he procure it in large quantities?”

It also questioned the Delhi government on its order which says that Remdesivir is to be given only to patients in hospitals and not to be sold to individuals being treated at home.

“Your system has not helped at all. This system has failed. Black marketing is going on,” it said.

The bench was hearing the case relating to oxygen crisis and shortage of medicines to treat COVID-19 patients.

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