‘Dont You Feel the Urge for a Cup of Tea at 4pm?:’Justice Chandrachud’s Love for Tea Leaves Courtroom in Splits

Amidst a heated discussion in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Justice Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud’s sudden craving for tea left the entire courtroom puzzled.

While senior lawyers Abhishek Manu Singhvi and Parag P Tripathi were occupied quarreling over toll collection by a company, Justice Chandrachud expressed his desire to leave for a cup of tea.

“Don’t you feel the urge for a cup of tea at 4 pm?. I don’t know how you all can go on at 4 pm without having the urge for a cup of tea? At least, I cannot. I must have my tea. That keeps me going for the rest of the day,” ” the Justice posed his question to the lawyers at the closing hour of the top court.

Substantiating his point, Justice went on to share an anecdote from his days in Bombay high court where he first practiced as a lawyer and became a judge.

“On the first floor of the Bombay high court, there is a courtroom in one corner next to which is the staff canteen. As a lawyer, I would go and have my tea in that canteen. But the problem occurred when I became a judge there and was sitting in the courtroom adjacent to this canteen. At 11 every morning, tea would start brewing in the canteen and I could smell fresh tea in my courtroom. But I was a judge and could not get up before 2 pm, before the lunch break. And also, as a judge, I could not simply enter the canteen anymore,” recalled the judge.

Revealing that he has an irresistible craving for tea at 4 in the evening, which is also when the Supreme Court wraps up its proceedings, he asked justice MR Shah, who was sharing the bench with him if he also shares Justice’s love for tea.

“But brother, I come from Gujarat where you get only tea and nothing else,” replied justice Shah who took the word tea to mean something else leaving the entire courtroom in splits.

A month back Justice D Y Chandrachud had raised his concerns regarding the retirement of Justice Indu Malhotra leaving the top court with just one woman judge.

“Justice Malhotra’s retirement means that the Supreme Court now has only one female judge on the Bench. As an institution, I find that this is a deeply worrying fact and must promptly receive serious introspection,” he said, addressing a farewell event for Justice Malhotra.

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