Exclusive Interview! Nawazuddin Siddiqui fondly remembers late Irrfan Khan: He taught me, less is more | Hindi Movie News

Irrfan Khan left behind a plethora of films for everyone to remember him fondly as an actor but very few would know that he was also honing his skills as a filmmaker. He called the shots for a film titled ‘Alvida’ featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead. Remembering the late actor, Nawaz told ETimes, “I had a good association with Irrfan bhai. Apart from both of us attending the same institute, National School of Drama (NSD), he also directed me in ‘Alvida’. Consciously or otherwise, I learnt a lot from him during our interactions.”

Sharing an anecdote from their shoot days, Nawaz revealed, “When he was directing me in ‘Alvida’ around 2003, he demonstrated a very nice aspect, about using fewer and crisper dialogues. In a scene where I was supposed to ask a girl to come over and sit on my bicycle, Irrfan bhai told me that I can drop the word ‘cycle’ since movies are an audio-visual medium. He taught me ‘less is more’. This is a theory that even I used to follow and his advice only cemented it.” Nawazuddin and Irrfan went on to work together in the much-acclaimed ‘The Lunchbox’ and also shared the frame in a few films that could not see the light of the day. Voting that Irrfan Khan’s best performance was in ‘Haasil’, Nawaz showered the late actor with praise, “He was my senior by 10 years! I admired his unique style of acting, it was very impressive. The natural ease and casualness in his performance were amazing.”

Irrfan Khan’s son Babil is gearing up for a big launch. Blessing the budding actor, Nawaz added, “I have seen Babil as a child when we used to meet Irrfan bhai and his family for Holi-Diwali celebrations. I hope that he has a successful career in films.”

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