Exclusive interview! Saiee Manjrekar: My definition of love is a bit cheesy and cliché | Hindi Movie News

Saiee Manjrekar is happily single this Valentine’s Day and prefers to live it up with her girl gang. Speaking about V-Day plans for those who are yet to find their special someone, the actress says, “If you are single, then celebrate Galentine’s Day! That’s what I do, we all get together, watch a cheesy chick flick, with lots of food. If you are a guy, you can do the same with your male friends!”

The actress goes on to add that the day of love can also be a time to invest in self-care. “Pamper yourself, go to a salon, just have a ‘me’ day and focus all the love on yourself. It is all about spreading love. Do what makes you the happiest,” she advises.

Ask her what she makes of love, and the actress candidly admits, “My definition of love is a bit cheesy and cliché! For me, love is just a meaningless word; people around you give it a meaning. The word can mold itself into different feelings and emotions. It is just a word and you need a person to give it a meaning.”

And while she is enjoying her time as a single lady, Saiee has an interesting list of qualities that she looks for in her Mr Right. “I look for very basic things that everyone looks for and at the same time also the important ones. Honesty, loyalty, love, care, sense of humour and the most important thing is that he has to be a good and kind person. I want someone with a good heart because if you are not a good person, it is never going to work out for me then!” she confesses.

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