Exclusive Interview! ‘Tuesdays and Fridays’ actor Anmol Thakeria Dhillon on contract relationships: My character and Deepika Padukone’s character Veronica from ‘Cocktail’ would have a fun time | Hindi Movie News

Anmol Thakeria Dhillon, the new chocolate boy in B-town, is ready to steal hearts with his upcoming rom-com ‘Tuesdays and Fridays’. We got a peek of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali backed modern-day romance when the trailer dropped earlier this month. On the day of love, ETimes got chatty with the hunk, who has the charms, wit, and humour to make you forget all about the boys you’ve ever loved. From talking about the craziest thing he ever did for love, to picking his fantasy contract relationship, revealing the kind of girl he’d never date and other matters of the heart, he didn’t hold back. Excerpts:

Son of actress Poonam Dhillon, Anmol will make his Bollywood debut with the upcoming romantic comedy. When asked about his thoughts on playing the ‘lover boy’ instead of the quintessential buff and brawny hero, he confesses, “I love being the lover boy. I think so many actors who I have liked growing up, have attempted this genre. Everyone falls into the trap of wanting to play the hero. The character I play in ‘Tuesdays and Fridays’ is not a hero, but a lover boy and he is very endearing and relatable.”

We couldn’t help but ask what made his character so different from all the boys we have loved before and pat came the reply, “I’m not very competitive. I’m very comfortable in my space. I think girls find guys to be the most charming when they are true to themselves and comfortable in their own skin. I think I could bring a smile to their face.”

Although just taking baby steps into the huge world that is the Hindi film industry, this one isn’t afraid to take his pick, even when asked which character he would like to get into a contractual relationship with. “My character and Deepika Padukone’s character Veronica from ‘Cocktail’ would have a fun time if they merged their worlds together,” Anmol muses after weighing in his options from a bevy of Bollywood beauties. Of course, every contract comes with its set of terms and conditions. Lucky for all the Veronicas out there, he has just one condition. “I would have to have a clause of ‘no daru desi’ on certain nights. She was quite the party girl in that film, but apart from that, it should be fun,” he chuckles.

While this Bollywood newbie may be out to woo the ladies, he, too, has his boundaries. “I can’t date someone who has played a ghost in a horror film. I am very scared of ghosts!” he laughs. Like an Anushka Sharma in ‘Pari’? “No! She is just so pretty. Even if she were a ghost, I would date her,” he counters.

Despite being clear about his preferences, the newbie is currently single. However, he has had his share of doing crazy things for his lady love. Sharing one such story, which seems straight out of a romantic film, Anmol relays, “It was probably a decade ago, when I was studying in Los Angeles, and was in a relationship with a girl from Mumbai. We were in a long-distance romance and would chat online. I had got a week off from university and without telling her, caught a long flight from LA to Mumbai, just to land up at her house after six months of not seeing her. I had to lie about my laptop failing and needing repairs just to make up an excuse for not being in touch for the duration of the long flight, in order to surprise her. I think that was the craziest thing I did, but she was also really excited that I took the effort.”

So what is keeping Anmol busy this Valentine’s? “‘Tuesdays and Fridays’ is going to be my Valentine,” he quips, adding, “I’m excited that my song ‘Hanjuaan’ from the film is coming out on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately or fortunately, it is a sad song and those who are single can actually enjoy it. But this year I am just occupied with the film. It is all so new and exciting that I want to give it my all,” he concludes.

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