Exclusive: Slumdog Millionaire actor Madhur Mittal booked for sexual assault, the actor says the accusations untrue | Hindi Movie News

An FIR under section 354, 354A, 354B, 509, 323 of the IPC was filed against Slumdog
Millionaire actor Madhur Mittal on February 23 at the Khar Police station. The report accuses him of sexually assaulting and battering his former girlfriend on February 13 at her Mumbai residence.

A source close to the girl (name withheld on request) revealed, “The two had common friends, after which he added her on social media. They got close and he asked her out. They were seeing each other for two months. They parted ways and Madhur couldn’t deal with the breakup. He was shooting in Jaipur. Livid, he landed in Mumbai and entered her Bandra residence on February 13th. Unable to take rejection, he tried to force himself on her. He tried to see her again on the 15th, but the girl’s lawyer Niranjani Shetty asked him to leave the premises, and he complied.”

We reached out to Madhur, who has been shooting in Jaipur. Disturbed by the reports doing the rounds, he broke his silence through a statement exclusively to Bombay Times. He said, “Getting to learn about things which are untrue is extremely disturbing. There have been WhatsApp messages filled with stories that are assassinating my character. These are being forwarded for weeks in casting directors’ groups denying me work. I’m the only earning member of my family since the age of seven and all these reports in the media are affecting me, my family and my career in more ways than you can imagine.” Madhur adds, “I urge everyone to not jump to conclusions about me through these one-sided reports in the media. I have faith in the law and the actual truth shall be out soon.”

The actress’ lawyer Niranjani Shetty, told Bombay Times, “That girl was not in a state to talk to me. Her friend reached out to me. She had sustained injuries under the eye, neck and lips. I discovered that she was battered and sexually assaulted. Our concern was her safety, so I sent a letter by post to the police station. I personally went to the Crime Against Women Cell (CAWC). They later called us and the FIR was filed. You cannot hit a woman, period. You may be in a relationship with her for two months or 20 years, it doesn’t matter. Men need to learn to accept a ‘No’. This psyche of entitled behaviour needs to change. They need to be held accountable for their actions.”

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