‘Knew we’d see some tough times as parents, never expected a pandemic’: Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy’s Instagram is full of glimpses of her daily life. Whether it is posting cute videos of her children or just enjoying with her mother-in-law, the actor has managed to keep everyone entertained. Recently, she — along with her husband and two kids — suffered from Covid-19. Upon finally testing negative, wrote on Instagram: “I had to keep calm with the kids going through Covid and then having me and Akshai pass it physically was challenging. always shared her.”

She shared on how it was difficult to get through the challenging times, writing a message of ‘prayers and love’. Check it out below.

Reddy also shared a throwback photo from 2015 of the day she and Akshai first became parents. She expressed how they knew they would often see tough days as parents, but the pandemic was something they never expected. “This a shoutout to all parents battling to keep their kids safe. I feel you, I feel your stress and I also feel your strength.”

Further elaborating on how taking care of the family requires diligent teamwork, she shared, “It was only Akshai’s and my teamwork that got us through these last few weeks of trying to take care of the kids and ourselves in our home quarantine.”

Not all was smooth-sailing for her, because they had their moments of “anxiety, frustration, weakness, fear, hope and love”. “As a couple just when we thought couldn’t get any more tested we were 🙌🏻 and we found a balance and a strength we never knew existed.”

Lastly, she added, “For single parents or partners who couldn’t be together in these tough times, we cannot imagine what it must be like. To all pregnant mamas stay strong and positive 🙏🏼Sending you all our prayers and love ❤️ we will get through this.”

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