Microsoft teams: Microsoft Teams may soon get a feature that let you use your phone as Walkie Talkie

Microsoft is working on a new feature for Teams video app. It will roll out push-to-talk walkie talkie functionality in Microsoft Teams in the future. Spotted by TechRadar, the company has updated its Microsoft Roadmap 365 which states an upcoming feature called “Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie on Teams phones”.
The feature will be rolled out in September this year. Once the feature is rolled out, Microsoft Teams users will be able to use their smartphone as a walkie talkie. It will work over both a cellular and wireless connection.
Walkie Talkie feature in Teams was first talked about in a blog post by Emma Williams, Corporate vice president of modern workplace verticals at Microsoft in January this year. She then said that the functionality will be built-in natively into Teams. It will help reduce the number of devices employees must carry, and lowers costs for IT.
With the new feature, customers will no longer have to worry about crosstalk or eavesdropping from outsiders. And since Walkie Talkie works over Wi-Fi or cellular data, it can be used across geographic locations, she said.
The new feature will be available in the Teams mobile app. It will come handy specially for the front-line workers of any industry. It will be integrated with theSamsung Galaxy XCover Pro.
Earlier this year, Samsung showcased how Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie can be used on the Galaxy XCover Pro. With the collaboration, both the companies aimed to give frontline workers a one-device, work-anywhere solution. It would combine the instant push-to-talk communications of a two-way radio and a flexible array of cloud-based workflow apps.

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