Nintendo Switch With 4K Output Reportedly Being Revealed This Year

Nintendo will reportedly reveal a new version of its Switch that features a bigger OLED display created by Samsung and will output at 4K when docked and connected to a TV. The model, according to Bloomberg, will be unveiled this year and Samsung will begin mass production of the new seven-inch screen “as early as June.”

The OLED display panel will output at 720p resolution, according to Bloomberg, which cites people familiar with plans. Nintendo is said to be working to maintain interest around the Switch, as well as continue to sell software competitively against Xbox and PlayStation.

Reports of a more powerful version of the Switch have been floating around for some time now. In January a dataminer noted that a firmware update issued by Nintendo references an upgraded Switch console codenamed Aula. This ugpraded model allegedly uses the Mariko (Tegra X1+) SoC chip that was implemented with the Switch Lite and updated 2019 regular model Switches. Additionally, the firmware mentioned support for a Realtek chip, which has been advertised as a “4K UHD multimedia SoC.”

The same dataminer noted that it’s likely the new Switch’s display will not be a higher resolution when in handheld mode, and that the 4K chip may be located in the dock instead of the tablet itself. Bloomberg’s reports indicates this could be the case too.

The Switch is now in its fifth year and been a huge success for Nintendo. Sales of the handheld/home console hybrid reached over .

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