NirogStreet funding: NirogStreet raises $2.5 million in funding

NirogStreet, a technology-led Ayurveda doctor platform, has raised $2.5 million in Series A funding from a clutch of investors including Pureland Venture, Wavemaker Partners, and DoorDash executive Gokul Rajaram.

Livspace founder Anuj Srivastava, former Morgan Stanley CEO Ashutosh Sinha, AJ Capital, Indea Capital’s Raj Mishra, Smart Chip founder Sanjeev Shriya, and MIT Deshpande Centre’s Sanjay Gupta also participated in the funding round.

Founded by Ram N Kumar in June 2016, the startup plans to use the funds raised to invest in new product development, enter new geographies and strengthen its community and social commerce offerings. It aims to build a technology platform that will allow easy access to Ayurvedic healthcare through technological interventions, create avenues for income generation to doctors and help SME medicine manufacturers reach out to a larger base of doctors.

“The focus of NirogStreet is to create tech-oriented data and solutions to create better opportunities for both doctors and customers,” Kumar said. “Ayurveda has immense potential in helping bring India on the healthcare map of the world as its leader. As a B2B2C technology-enabled and doctor-led platform, we are consistently focusing on identifying best practices to improve the supply chain of Ayurvedic services and medicine.”

The platform claims to offer its services to over 50,000 doctors on its peer-to-peer learning, electronic health record and B2B e-commerce platform. It also enables ayurvedic doctors to consult patients across the world via tele-Ayurveda.

“(Ram) is doing a commendable job in nurturing the Ayurvedic fraternity in India as well as the sustainable healthcare ecosystem by capacity and knowledge building,” said Rajaram.

Over the next year, the firm plans to partner with over 150 Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers and brands to help doctors provide medicines to their patients.

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