Rajiv Bajaj: Must Continue to Trade with China

By Aditya Raghunath

Investing.com — India should trade with China, said Bajaj Auto Ltd (NS:) Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj, at the three-day virtual Asia Economic Dialogue 2021, held by the Ministry of External Affairs and Pune International Centre.


Bajaj was of the view that India should procure goods and services that are most competitively priced. 


“We like to believe that we are a global company, and therefore, this to my mind, from a cultural point of view, and an operational point of view, demands completeness or inclusiveness not just of employee gender, but also of having dealers, distributors and equally suppliers from all over the world. And that is why I believe that we must continue to trade with China. Because if we conduct our business at the exclusion of such a large country, such a large market, we will find ourselves incomplete over time, and we will be poorer for the loss of that experience,” Bajaj said.


Bajaj also expressed his displeasure at the breakdown in trade with China over the infiltration of the Chinese into Indian territory. As he spoke of the importance of the continuity in the supply chain, Bajaj said, “I say this in the context of what happened in around June or July, when our government for whatever reasons, suddenly came down hard on imports, especially from China.”


“Now, to my mind, doing something like that is to cut your nose to spite your face. Because overnight, how can one source components that are simply not made in the domestic market, that you need to deliver product to domestic or export customers?” he said.

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