Samsung’s new ISOCELL sensor can solve one of the biggest camera problems in cars

Samsung is planning to make cameras in cars better with its new first ISOCELL sensor designed specifically for automobiles.
The South-Korean tech giant has launched ISOCELL Auto 4AC camera sensor for the automobile industry.
The 1/3.7-inch sensor comes with a resolution of 1.2MP and an individual pixel size of 3μm.
The sensor uses the company’s CornerPixel technology and as per Samsung can be helpful in tricky situations like while entering or exiting the tunnel.
The sensor claims to offer better overall output in both daylight and low light conditions.
The CornerPixel technology combines the 3μm pixels and 1μm pixels in a single bigger pixel. The 3μm pixels are used in low-light conditions, while the 1μm is used in bright light conditions.
Samsung LSI claims that the sensor can offer vivid HDR video in real-time with a dynamic range of 120dB without any motion blur. It can also be useful with smart mirrors and self-driving cars.

Samsung claims that the sensor can operate in temperatures between -40 degree celsius and 125 degree celsius and has a built-in ISP.
Samsung has also highlighted the use case for the new sensor and as per the company, it can be used as a front-view camera or surrounding view camera.

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