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Last month Sanjana Sanghi began an initiative where she teamed up with a digital platform to aid people dealing with mental health issues. The actress connected those seeking help with professionals for counselling sessions. She opines that when it is about mental health, it is okay to be “selfish”.

She says, “When someone is in crises he or she might struggle within with these issues or approach someone to vent out about their personal problems. Whatever is the case, one shouldn’t just think too much, be selfish and take whatever route possible to sooth yourself mentally.”

Personally, when stressed Sanjana prefers reaching out to her parents, but in crisis like pandemic where everyone is struggling she opines one can seek professional help.

She adds, “I think there is no right or wrong in the way you want to share it. Some even take to opening up publically (on social media platforms). So everyone is comfortable in various ways. It is a very personal choice. One might deal with fear or anxiety and what important is you come out of it. So just be selfish and open up.”

In an earlier chat with BT, Sanjana had said, “I have studied psychology in school, and that really changed my life. My close ones always call me a patient listener. I am comfortable listening to my folks and friends and help them process what’s going on in their mind. While doing this, I tend to disentangle my own thoughts and emotions as well. It’s a two-way process.”

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