Silent Hill creator’s Bokeh Game Studio offers up more background on its first game with new video

Silent Hill and Gravity Rush creator Keiichiro Toyama has been talking about his plans for the first game from his new Bokeh Game Studio in a new video released by the developer teasing the upcoming project.

In the video, Toyama-san talks on how he had “multiple directions” he could’ve gone with the new title from his previous works, electing to take one that was “quite dark, far more than my recent titles” and noted that “It’s like I’m coming back to my roots, for example towards horror.” We’re also treated to glimpses of concept art from the as-yet-unnamed project that show the sort of inspiration the studio has taken for the game.

It certainly sounds like he’ll be taking a similar path to Silent Hill, saying “The view I have of horror is everyday life being shaken” and “regular people being driven into irrational situations” which was of course a common theme of the series, including Harry Mason in the original Silent Hill and James Sutherland in its sequel. Toyama also talks on the time he took a trip to a city in Asia, and about a feeling of evolution and energy of the people in the location he visited that he hopes to bring as a theme to the game.

It’s a fascinating interview and well worth your time, even if there’s no concrete name for the new project or when we can expect it, although Toyama has previously said he expects development to take “around three years”. The formation of Bokeh Game Studio was announced back in December and also boasts the skills of Kazunobu Sato and Junya Okura who both also worked with Toyama on PlayStation 2 horror series Forbidden Siren.


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