‘They taste just like ice cream’: People cannot get enough of blue Java bananas; have you tried them?

Bananas are popular world-over for being extremely nutritious. But, we are not talking about yellow bananas; a new variety of bananas is being talked-about these days. Called the Blue Java Bananas, they have a bluish tint and are said to have a creamy texture. But it is not only their unique colour and texture, the bananas — according to some people — taste like vanilla! For many, these even make an amazing choice for desserts.

However, these bananas are quite rare and are not found everywhere. They are primarily grown in the Southeast Asian region but are also quite well-known in Hawaii. These fruits are a hybrid of two other kinds of bananas, namely Musa balbisiana and Musa acuminata. Interestingly enough, these bananas are cold tolerant and can grow even at temperatures below freezing point. But the ideal temperature for their growth is 40F.

When these bananas are ripe, they generally have a pale yellow colour.

Recently, Twitter user Tham Khai Meng tweeted about the variety saying they are “Incredible! they taste just like vanilla ice cream”.

The post saw many curious comments.

Their deliciousness does not take away from nutrition though. These bananas, like other varieties, are rich in fibre, manganese, vitamins C and B6. Added to this, they also contain some amounts of iron, phosphorus, thiamine, and selenium.

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