This Couple Was Inside Their Car When A Huge Ice Block Fell On IT

The footage has been viewed more than 22,000 times on the social media platform.

New Delhi:

The Internet just witnessed a nail-biting video of a couple escaping an ice-block fall. The terrible incident was captured in Kola in the Murmansk region of Russia. In the clip, we can see a massive chunk of ice falling from 50-feet above on a parked car. Even though the windscreen of the vehicles was shattered, the couple, fortunately, escaped without any injury. The clip was shared by the ‘Murmansk Road Accidents and Emergency’ on their social media page.

The footage has been viewed more than 22,000 times on the social media platform. One of the users asked, “So okay, everyone is safe and well, and who will be responsible for this ??” Another pointed out that the camera was not properly installed. Some even gave advice that people should not park cars under a roof.

A person wrote, “It’s good that it didn’t fall on the hatchway. Otherwise, everything could have been much more deplorable.”

The page recently shared a video of a minibus, which was hit by a vehicle at a parking lot in the area. The post sought to gather further information about the accident to help identify the culprits.

Murmansk is one of the coldest regions in Russia and is known for its biting cold. Heavy snowfall is often reported in this region. Russia had witnessed an extreme cold wave in February when the capital city of Moscow was enveloped in an ice blanket. The temperature recorded was as low as minus 15 degrees. There were massive snow piles all across the city which hit public transport and delayed flights.

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