Twitter Blue India pricing revealed: What is it and more details

Twitter is launching a new set of features that will be available for paid users called Twitter Blue. For starters, the Twitter Blue subscription has nothing to do with Twitter’s ‘Blue Tick’. You can’t pay Twitter to get the verified badge. Twitter hasn’t made any public announcements around its Blue subscription but it has already started to appear on the Apple App Store.
What is Twitter Blue and what’s the price
Remember how YouTube monetized a basic much needed feature which allows people to play music by turning off the screen with YouTube Premium? Twitter is also doing something similar. It now intends to sell its much in-demand features with Blue that will improve the overall user experience.

Price of Twitter Blue Rs 269 per month (on iOS)
What extra you will get Undo tweet, collect tweets and create a folder, ‘Reader Mode’ to easily read long threads, change colour of Twitter icon and colour theme
What you don’t get Twitter Blue subscription will neither give ‘Edit Tweet’ button nor stop showing you ads and promoted tweets. Also, paying for Twiiter Blue doesn’t mean you will get the verified ‘Blue Tick’ badge.

In India, Twitter will charge Rs 269 per month for Twitter Blue subscription. With this subscription, your Twitter account will have the ability to Undo a tweet, bookmark folders and offer a ‘Reader Mode’ to help you read long threads. However, there’s no word as to whether Twitter will offer the ‘Edit Tweet’ button or not.

With Twitter Blue, you will get a better experience. For example, you will be able to collect tweets and organise them in a folder. Also, you get the option to change the colour of the Twitter icon along with customised colour theme. Twitter has also not revealed whether subscribing to Twitter Blue will remove ads or promoted tweets from subscriber’s timeline or not.
Meanwhile, Twitter may also introduce a paid, ‘Super Follow’ button on the profiles of its users soon. The Super Follow button can appear in two designs, either as a small, circular button or a big one. Twitter might also reportedly show a cash button for tipping, a feature that’s been named Tip Jar.

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