Wanted Man Turns Himself In, Says He’s Fed-Up Of Living With People

A wanted man turned himself in to police in a bid for some peace and quiet.

A wanted man surrendered to the police, saying he would rather go to jail than spend any more time with the people he was living with. Sussex Police in the UK said that the man turned himself in on Wednesday afternoon in a bid for some peace and quiet.

The man, who has not been identified, was apparently fed-up of living with people in lockdown. So annoyed was he that he rang up and surrendered to Burgess Hill police station, deciding that prison would be better than his current living situation.

Inspector Darren Taylor, from Sussex Police, posted details of the bizarre incident on Twitter. “Wanted male handed himself in to the team yesterday afternoon after informing us he would rather go back to prison then have to spend more time with the people he was living with!” he wrote, adding that the man was taken to prison so he could have some time alone.

The bizarre incident has generated amusement on social media, where many said they could totally relate to the man’s wish for some peace and quiet and others speculated about how terrible his housemates must have been to drive him to prison.


“Lol priceless. I guess in his case, the crime certainly did pay!” wrote one Twitter user.

“Would the court consider sentencing him to home detention with a tag. Sounds like it would it would be a fitting punishment,” another suggested.

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