Was Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae involved in fraud and took money from married women?

Han Ye Seul and Ryu Sung Jae have been painting the town red with their romance but the couple has now hit headlines for all the wrong reasons. The South Korean actress had recently revealed that she was dating theater actor Ryu Sung Jae, which led to rumors that he worked as a male escort. However, Han Ye-seul had defended he boyfriend and tagged the rumours as ‘work of fiction’.

However, a recent report by Dispatch stated that several people have opened up about Ryu Sung Jae’s background, which also involved fraud. It is being reported that Ryu Sung Jae met Han Ye Seul at an illegally operating entertainment venue. Dispatch apparently met two people who were entertained by Ryu Sung Jae, while another person gave photographic evidence to Dispatch about Ryu Sung Jae meeting married women and receiving money from them.

Following these report, Ryu Sung Jae, , who is 10 years younger to Han Ye Seol, has made all his social media accounts private. Dispatch ahs also claimed that the actor has unfollowed his coworkers from the entertainment establishment he worked at, in a bid to erase his past. Han Ye Seul’s agency has denied the content of the report.

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