Whirlpool refrigerators: Whirlpool introduces Intellifresh Pro Bottom Mount refrigerators at a starting price of Rs 44,500

Home appliance maker Whirlpool has launched the IntelliFresh Pro Bottom Mount refrigerator in India at a starting price of Rs 44,500 and going up to Rs 53,100. The Intellifresh Pro Bottom Mount Range of refrigerators are available in 325L and 355L in Omega Steel and Steel Onyx finish.
The refrigerators come powered by Advanced Adaptive Intelligence Technology to automatically sense the changes in weather, load and usage patterns and adapt the cooling accordingly. As per the company, the new series is equipped with multiple advanced intellisensors, a microprocessor and a proprietary algorithm that continuously senses and adapts to load changes, weather changes and usage pattern to provide the optimum cooling level.
3D Airflow technology
The air-tower inside the fridge has vents and air boosters to circulate cold air uniformly; the cold air does not hit the food items directly, thereby minimising moisture loss and extending freshness, claims the company
10-in-1 convertible modes
As per Whirlpool, the refrigerators come with an intuitive user interface and 10 modes that adapt to your everyday requirements with just a simple touch. With a convert time of 23 minutes, the refrigerator helps to adjust as per the needs of the consumers, says Whirlpool.

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