Why India Needs to Strike a Fine Balance on Myanmar and Other Top Stories

From China Factor to Refugee Crisis: Why India Needs to Strike a Fine Balance on Myanmar

India walks a fine line on Myanmar, where a military coup in February has posed a diplomatic challenge to New Delhi and triggered a refugee crisis that has directly impacted the North-East. Even as India, in its measured responses, has maintained that it is “deeply concerned” and “monitoring the situation closely”, the China factor weighs heavily on its mind. With the military junta seizing control, protesters on the streets have alleged Beijing’s role in the coup. India will not like another country in its neighbourhood with China’s influence writ large. READ MORE

Despite Violence, Bengal Records 61% Voting Till 3 PM; Mamata Dials Governor

Amid incidents of stray violence in the high profile Nandigram constituency, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday slammed the Election Commission for “inaction”. LIVE UPDATES

Mysterious Case of Ambulance That Ferried Mukhtar Ansari to Mohali Court

The ambulance that ferried jailed don-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari to Punjab’s Mohali court raised a controversy after it was found that the vehicle had a registration number belonging to Uttar Pradesh. READ MORE

India’s 2nd Lockdown Likely to Dent Progress Made in Business Optimism, Especially Services Sector

With India in the middle of a second wave of coronavirus, lockdowns in some states have become a necessity and that has started to again affect industries, especially the services sector. Data released by the government showed that the output of the eight core infrastructure sectors in February has contracted 4.6 per cent. It had jumped 6.4 per cent in February last year. READ MORE

Bobby Deol’s Kareeb ‘Inspired’ a Scene in Disney’s ‘Tangled’ and We Aren’t Surprised

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol may not be swimming in the film offers but on social media, the actor seems to have unwittingly found his second coming in the form of memes. After his photo with Aishwarya Rai became a viral RT-PCR test meme last week, the actor is now back on Twitter with another old photo that is on its way to becoming a viral meme. READ MORE

Butter Coffee, Anyone? Bizarre Beverage is in Town and Desis are at Loss of Words

Unique food combinations are not new. Time and again, food connoisseurs or just daredevils who like a bit of a unusual flavours in their mouth together have been inventing and experimenting with different food mixes. But not always do these dishes turn out to be a favourite and at times can even leave a bad taste in the mouth, literally! Case in point is this salted butter coffee, the video of which has been going viral on the internet. But for all the classic coffee lovers, this might be a difficult beverage to gulp down. READ MORE

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