Yoga in a cathedral: This New Yorker has been virtually engaging people in the pandemic

At a time when the world is going through a crisis, many people are learning to improvise and adapt to these new circumstances. They are making use of the resources available to make sure their services reach people far and wide.

One such interesting piece of news has emerged from New York, where a woman was seen practising yoga in a cathedral — only she was doing it alone, her audience joined her virtually.

According to a Reuters report, one Mia Michelson-Bartlett engages with her audience from inside New York’s Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, so as to “help New Yorkers overcome their cramped confines”.

Anyone can join her 60-minute class, virtually of course. In a video shared by Reuters, Michelson-Bartlett was heard saying: “The core of yoga is about just taking a pause, and practising that mindfulness, really turning the attention on to whatever we can, to sort of quiet the outside noise, and the noise and distraction that happens in our own minds.”

The church was used for a different purpose previously, the yoga instructor said, adding that this time last year, “they were converting the cathedral into a field hospital”, complete with equipment and hospital beds, and medical practitioners and volunteers.

This church is said to be the sixth-largest in the world.

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